Reality vs Fantasy


Just finished watching “Divorce Lawyer In Love” a couple of days ago. I always get separation anxiety when a series that I watch finally ends.

The series is actually a Korean drama aired last year (yeah, I am a late bloomer). I liked the series a lot, especially because it is starred by Cho Yeo-Jeong (of The Servant, The Concubine) one of my favorite Korean actresses.

But the overall message of the series has struck a chord with me. In the end, the two lawyers, who eventually fell in love with one another despite a hostile relationship in their earlier years, got married but without the usual frills that make a modern-age wedding.

They seal their bond at the city hall with a shake of the hands instead of a kiss. Because they say, marriage is not a fantasy. It is real.

I totally agree. I am not saying this because I am bitter. For the record, I am still married to my husband and I intend to be for the rest of my life.

But endings depicted in fairytales are not entirely true. “And they lived happily ever after” is not the conclusion of a love story. It is just the beginning and that’s when the work and the struggle really begin.

So yeah, the series was an honest depiction of what really marriage is. I would know.

Curious? Watch it here


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